Closing The Sale

I always encourage my clients to stay on good terms with the people who bought their home.

Though the Buyers are legally obligated to close the deal, it is always nice to have a good

relationship with them – what goes around, comes around! This can mean being as flexible as

possible when the Buyers are arranging their access visits; being willing to consider Buyers’

offers to purchase some of your furniture and decor not included in the offer; and getting back to

me in a timely manner so I can respond to any of the Buyers’ requests.

Here is a list of some more simple things you can do to make this a great experience for the


 The most important thing is to leave your home in a broom swept condition. Many agents will

even put this into the offer because sometimes people move out and leave a mess behind.

Please plan ahead to have your home cleaned out before the Buyers move in. Some often-

overlooked areas are closets, backyards, crawlspaces, garages and yes, the fridge!

 On a practical note, the Buyers will definitely need things like your old warranty papers (for

your roof, heating/cooling system, appliances etc.) and contracts or receipts for work or

services done on the property by you or by contractors within the last five years. These papers

are typically left on the kitchen counter.

 Other items to leave for the Buyers include extra keys to doors, outside storage buildings, crawl

spaces etc., garage door openers (if applicable) and the security alarm code if you have kept

the alarm system going for them to assume when you leave.

 You can also help out by leaving the new Buyers some names and phone numbers of services

you use, such as your alarm system company, auto mechanic, house cleaners, lawn/garden

services – even your veterinarian and local dry cleaner. The Buyers will be thrilled at your


In addition to reviewing your offer and preparing legal documents, your lawyer will also meet

with you on closing day to fully execute all the documentation, receive your keys to hand over to

the Buyer’s lawyer, and also carry out the exchange of documents and monies. Here are twelve

things that your lawyer will do for you:

 Receive instructions from you about the sale of your property and discharge of your existing


 Review the executed offer.

 Review and respond to the requests submitted by the Buyers’ lawyer.

 Prepare the Statement of Adjustments.

 Prepare the draft of the Transfer/Deed.

 Prepare all supporting sale documents.

 Forward a request for a mortgage discharge statement for any mortgages registered on title.

 Meet with you to execute all sale documentation and get your keys on closing.

 Attend to the closing and effect the exchange of documents & monies.

 Go to the registry office to discharge the executed Charge/Mortgage.

 Deliver the balance of the sale proceeds (if any) to the real estate office.

 Conduct all necessary correspondence and telephone conversations with any parties involved

in this sale.

In order to help expedite the process, below is a list of some items your lawyer may ask for:

 The property Survey if available.

 Your Deed or Transfer of Land document.

 If you are selling a condo unit, the address & phone number of the Condominium Corporation.

 The keys to the property.

 The Agreement of Purchase and Sale (I will send this from my office to your lawyer).

 The correct spelling of your name(s), your address and telephone number.

 Your forwarding address, if known.

 Contact information for the Buyer’s lawyer (I will send this from my office to your lawyer).

 Your bank, financing & mortgage information (Mortgage reference number).

 Power of Attorney, if applicable.

 Copies of your most recent: property tax bill, water bill, cable bill, electricity bill, gas bill. NOTE:

If home is oil-heated, you will be required to fill the tank as of closing date (you will be credited

for this on the closing adjustments).

When you are selling your home, closing day is a little different than when you are buying. As a

Seller, you should have met with your lawyer a couple of days prior to closing. At this meeting

you will sign off the mortgage, the legal papers, and give a set of keys to your lawyer for the


You will be notified by your lawyer when the property is officially closed. They will advise you

when that the money and keys have changed hands, and the Buyers are registered on title.

Although I strive to make each transaction as smooth as possible, sometimes issues can arise.

If you are concerned about anything, please get in touch with me. After your property closes, I

will keep in touch from time to time to see if there is any way I can help you. It is my way of

showing gratitude for the trust you put in me to sell your home and seeing you happily moved on

to the next phase in your life.

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