Offer To Purchase

Here are four important things to look at in an offer you receive:

 The closing date. This is the big day to plan around. It is helpful if you can move in to your new

home a day or two before your closing date to minimize your stress and also avoid conflicts with

the Buyer’s schedule.

 The contract requisition date (also known as the Title Search date). This is the last day by

which the Buyer’s lawyer has to search the title of the property to ensure that everything is in

order. If there are concerns they will need to be addressed prior to this date.

 Access visits – the Buyer (accompanied by their agent) may be entitled to see the house again

before closing at mutually agreeable times – the specifics will be on a Schedule forming part of

the offer. You will have to agree to these dates and times and you can reject them within reason

if they conflict with your schedule – we aim to get as much advance notice as possible.

 Appraisal – An appointment may be made by the Buyer’s bank or mortgage broker to appraise

the home. This is usually a very quick 15-minute interior/exterior walk-through of your home.

Usually very little notice is given for these appointments, but the appointment desk will inform

you of the Appraiser’s intent to inspect as soon as the request is received.

There are several options to facilitate the continuing appointments after an offer is accepted. We

can discuss leaving a lockbox on your property for easy entry of approved parties, or I can

retain a set of keys, or you can arrange to be home for these visits.

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Offer To Purchase 

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